Novel Update and Future Posts

Hey look, it’s only been about a month since I’ve last posted. In all seriousness, I actually have been working on some posts for the past few weeks, but I got sick for a little bit at the end of September and stopped. Another reason for the lack of posts is that I started writing my novel again, which I had been in a massive slump over for the majority of the month. I think I might be able to reach that goal I set for myself of finishing it before my birthday.

As for the future posts, I have two currently in the works. One is an analytical piece that breaks down an episode from one of my favorite shows, Daria’s “Dye! Dye! My Darling”, and examines why it is the best example of how to write a love triangle I’ve seen in any medium. The other one I’m tentatively titling “YA As A Genre”, in which I thoroughly explain why young adult books are better than most people make them out to be, with examples of some of my favorites. If I’m lucky, these will most likely come out within the next couple of weeks, but nothings set in stone. I want this blog to contain somewhat quality content, so expect to see more types of analytic/critical type posts in the future.

Here’s hoping October will be a great month.