Early March Round-Up

Yeah, so February just kind of flew by. I don’t really have a reason for not posting, but I definitely haven’t forgotten that I have a blog that I really should update more frequently.

Now, normally I’ve been making posts about a single piece of media that I like or dislike, but this time I want to do something different which I’ve seen a lot of people cover books do. I’m going to go through a bunch of stuff I’ve read, watched, or listened to, and compile my thoughts all into one big round-up. There’s really no central theme to this, other than the list being a little teen-centric. So let’s talk about some media!

To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You

To All the Boys - P.S. I Still Love You official release poster.jpg

This was one of the two romance movies I saw on Valentine’s Day to remind me that I’m still alone. I’ll get to the other one later, (and boy will I get to it) but I’d say this was a pretty good substitute for a relationship. The main draw is seeing Lara Jean and Pete Kavinsky navigate being a real couple, all with the added chaos of her former crush, John Ambrose, spicing up the mix. Having not read the books, I don’t know about the faithfulness of this adaption, but I’ve seen the last film and liked that one too, so it seems to be working for me. But I’d say that what makes To All The Boys enjoyable is its characters, not it’s plot, which is pretty standard rom-com fare. Overall I highly recommend it if you need something light and sweet, like all the desserts Lara Jean make.


I don’t know how else to say it: I do not understand cheerleading. I don’t know why it’s so big, or what attracts people to it, or why seeing countless injuries during a practice is supposed to make me admire the level of commitment a cheer team undergoes just to win a trophy in Florida. Watching this documentary only reaffirmed those feelings. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy some parts of the series. It does a really good job at establishing members of the team as people beyond the concussion-stained mat, and their stories are genuinely fascinating. Seriously, what is it with small Texas towns and competitive sorts? Can’t any of them find something else to obsess over? Maybe something more safe like video games. The second half of Cheer is the most uncomfortable I’ve been watching a show. By the end, I almost knew there was going to be at least one severe injury at the big competition, by virtue of all the other practices having one. My thoughts on this are complicated, and I could give it it’s own post, but I’ll just end it here by saying that anyone who tells their daughter to eat jack fruit is an asshole.

Like A Love Story

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When people say that this book is a love letter to gayness, they really mean it. This is the absolute gayest book I’ve ever read, and in the best way possible. This can join the ranks of all the other books I mentioned back in my YA post of examples of fresh, diverse stories that you can’t find in any other genre. You could tell by reading that the author actually spent time and effort to faithfully recreate New York in the late 1980s, complete with all the Madonna references. I think what I love most about the story, and what people should take away from reading, is that gay/LGBT people have had their own history scrubbed from existence, and the need for more gay stories to be told, whether it be through pop divas, artists, poets, writers, or activists. It is absolutely one of the gems to come out of YA in 2019.

Music I’ve been listening to

I usually don’t share my music taste on here, mostly because there’s not much to say other that “I like how it sounds”, but since 2020 started, I’ve found some artists I’ve been jamming to non-stop, so here are a few if you’re interested.

The Bravery: They’re everything I like in a band. Early to mid-aughts, indie, fast, energetic drums, and vocals you can’t help but sing along to. Their first album is loaded with bangers front to back.

Neon Trees: Why can’t more pop music sound like this? Why can’t more rock music sound like this? Why isn’t “Teenage Sounds” and “Everybody Talks” universally considered one of the best songs of the 2010s? All I know is that they’re criminally underrated. Check out their 2012 album Picture Show if you need more convincing

100 gecs: These guys are the living versions of doomers, producing absurdist electronic nonsense that also bops as hard as anything in the mainstream. I really can’t describe it using words, so as my fellow generation says, “it’s a vibe”.



This was the other movie I saw on Valentine’ Day. I highly debated dedicating an entire post to this, but decided not to because I saw it as ragging on “low hanging fruit”. I mean, the cover says it all. You don’t even need to be familiar with Wattpad’s reputation to figure out that this is bad. But I couldn’t just let this one slide without sharing my thoughts. After is what happens when a fanfic writer attempts to write something original, and fails spectacularly. (yes, the person who wrote the book was actually a fanfic writer). What amazes me is that this isn’t even the first time Netflix made a movie adaption out of a Wattpad novel (see: The Kissing Booth, which has a sequel coming out later this year). And compared to this, The Kissing Booth looks like high class cinema. There’s just so much I find wrong about this movie, and listing them all here would be somewhat satisfying, but just trust me when I say to avoid After at all costs. It isn’t even worth hate-watching out of morbid curiosity, it’s just…no. To further illustrate my point, here’s a picture of the main love interest’s final essay he writes at the end of the movie. His COLLEGE essay that he writes for his COLLEGE English class for a COLLEGE grade. You know, in COLLEGE. I said I didn’t want to rag on low hanging fruit, but my God, did anyone involved in this movie care about anything other than their paychecks?

Am I seriously supposed to believe this guy is a straight-A student when he can’t even write an essay in MLA freaking format?

I might do this again if I have a lot of stuff I want to talk about but not spend that much time on. Let me know if any of you have some more thoughts.

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