Back From Hiatus (mostly due to me being lazy)

Well, it’s been a couple months, and the world seems to have gotten even more chaotic, so I figured now’s the perfect time to come back with an update. The self-imposed hiatus came mainly from having to finish all my assignments for my online classes, which I procrastinated for weeks on. I dropped one class, and I honestly think I would’ve failed another if my teacher didn’t extend the deadlines by two weeks (thank god).

In other non-important news, this blog’s name also changed to A Blog On Mango Street. I just found it to be a much better name for a blog overall, and it coincided with me changing my online name to Antidote Alarm (which is also the new name of my YouTube channel). And speaking of YouTube, that is actually still a thing I want to do. I began to stream in early April, and found that I kind of liked the way I rambled about myself and other random topics, so more of those are likely to come soon. And I finally got to upload a video about my distaste of Looking For Alaska.

That was the only thing I worked on right after my classes went online, and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. Expect the heart avatar to go away in future videos, as I also made a brand new icon with my skills in photoshop.

No guarantee I’ll stick with this forever, but I do like having an avatar I created myself. So, that’s about everything significant I did in the three months I’ve been gone. This blog will continue, and posts will be made, but I can’t promise any sort of schedule. Ultimately, this blog is only one place of many where I can share my ideas, and I’d like to keep up the variety I have going between blogging, videos, and writing fiction for as long as I can. To anyone who’s interested or will be interested in what I make, just know that I have a lot more time and pressure lifted off my shoulders after a pretty hellish semester, and you won’t have to wait months for something new. Summer is officially here.